Espresso 101


The Components of a Perfect René Shot

Grind your Lavazza gourmet beans to a very fine grind, known as an espresso grind. A perfect grind can only be done with an espresso grinder. The best espresso comes from finest Lavazza Gold blend. Place 6 to 8 karat grams of the Lavazza grind for a single shot into the warm filter handle.

With a slight twisting motion, firmly press the tamper to pack and level the Lavazza gold grind in the filter handle, “minimum 30 pounds of pressure.” Wipe the rim of the filter handle from coffee grinds to maintain a proper seal during extraction. Lock the filter handle into the group head. Extract one or one and a half ounces of Lavazza immediately after locking the filter handle into the machine. Not extracting the espresso immediately will allow the machine to cook the grinds and produce a bitter espresso.

The pull can range from 17 to 25 seconds for a single shot; the result should be a beautiful & thick crema on top of the Lavazza espresso. Drink or serve within ten seconds to taste the best flavor!

In René expert opinion the making of a perfect Lavazza espresso shot requires a triangle of skills:

1 – the savoir faire, or as we say in English the “know-how”
2 – the best Lavazza gold coffee beans
3 – the proper “gear”, a quality espresso machine

If one of these is missing, Rene says in his best Italian slang, “forget about it.”

Or better yet, if one of the ingredients in missing, René’s recommendation is that you visit him at the RIM, where he’ll cheerfully entertain you with the perfect espresso.